During our facial treatments you will experience a skin care line with powerful botanical ingredients derived from nature itself. These products combine only the most natural ingredients along with nourishing plant extracts that hydrate and repair the skin.

Cleansers (click here for a list of products)
As the largest organ of elimination, proper cleansing of the skin is vital not only for its immediate skin care benefits, but its overall role in the maintenance of whole-body health. All Dermalogica cleansers are soap-free and acid-balanced to protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Conditioners (click here for a list of products)
Dermalogica’s skin conditioning products help to re-texturize and refine the skin surface after the cleansing step, and they lay the foundation for all products applied afterwards. Some of Dermalogica’s conditioners are designed for use on a daily basis, while others are used weekly based on your skin care therapist’s recommendations.

Moisterizers (click here for a list of products)
Moisturizers are vital to every skin care regimen, regardless of skin condition. They help to protect the skin’s natural defenses against the environment while controlling moisture loss from the skin. Dermalogica has a moisturizer formula for every skin condition, from dry to oily.

Concentrated Boosters (click here for a list of products)
Designed to use with a Dermalogica moisturizer, or alone for targeted results, boosters are an easy way for you to take control of your skin’s natural fluctuations. Their versatility makes them ideal for adapting your regimen based on changes in climate, hormonal imbalance or lifestyle.

Specialties (click here for a list of products)
Unlike the other formulas in the Dermalogica retail range, Specialty products are designed to zone-in on specific areas of the face, rather than focus on overall conditions. They are each highly individualized in their application – your skin care therapist can help you determine which Specialties will target your skin concerns.

Solar Defense System (click here for a list of products)
Sunlight is without a doubt your skin’s worst enemy, bombarding it on a daily basis with the UVA and UVB rays that cause premature aging and skin cancer. Dermalogica’s Solar Defense System offers the choice of two sunscreen technologies: chemical-based formulations that protect against UV rays by absorbing them, and a physical sunscreen that actually reflects damaging rays.

Spa Body Therapy (click here for a list of products)
Dermalogica’s Spa Body Therapy system provides daily cleansing, toning, smoothing and moisturization to help you relax on even the worst day! Our unique blends of essential oils help soothe the mind, while natural botanicals help cleanse and nourish the body.

Spa Daily Groomers (click here for a list of products)
You can’t ignore the rest of your body! Daily Groomers are the foundation of your daily ritual.

Skin Kits (click here for a list of products)
Dermalogica Skin Kits have all the benefits of a full regimen… to go! Featuring convenient travel sizes in a durable travel pouch, your Skin Kit allows you to hit the road safe in the knowledge that you’re packing a full regimen of products.